Your dermatologists in the north of Zurich

In our practice, well-respected dermatologists and comprehensively trained, experienced and friendly staff assistants work togther as a team. Our common and only goal: your health.

Skin, hair and nails

Dermatology is the medical art of detecting and treating skin diseases. The skin is the second largest human organ and consists of many different biological components, all of which can be the origin of skin diseases.


Due to the rapid development of technology and the chemical industry and as a result of globalization, our living environment is becoming more and more complex. Many substances that surround us every day can trigger allergies. Therefore, allergies are becoming increasingly important as a disease trigger.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Love is described as a "function of the mucous membranes" by the German Dadaist Kurt Schwitters. Of course it is much more, but surely sex is also an essential part of most romantic relationships.

Skin cancer prevention

Skin cancer prevention and treatment are key areas of our practice. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in Europe and North America. A distinction is made between different forms of so-called white skin cancer and the extremely malignant black skin cancer, malignant melanoma.

Ambulatory Operations

In our modern practice operating room, we carry out outpatient operations on the skin, treat with freezing techniques or use electrosurgical procedures.

Laser therapy

We have modern laser systems to remove pathological and cosmetically disturbing skin changes as quickly and without complications as possible.


Aesthetic medicine measures to slow down skin aging cannot replace these basics, but in many cases they can turn the wheel of time back a little.

Family Doctor Practice Lucas

From 2022 we welcome the family doctor practice Dr. Tatjana Lucas and Dr. Martin Lucas!

Telephone appointments for the family doctor's practice at:
044 659 2888.