Day surgery

Our practice is equipped with a modern accredited operating room. Here we perform day surgery of skin lesions, cryogenic surgery as well as laser treatments of the skin and varicose veins. With all interventions we aim not only for surgical healing but also for an optimum esthetic result. We remove the following skin lesions:

  • moles
  • skin cancer and its precursors
  • warts
  • tumors of adipose tissue (lipomas)
  • tumors of connective tissue (fibroids)
  • vascular tumors (hemangiomas)
  • skin cysts

To ensure complete removal of potentially harmful skin lesions we perform micrographic surgery, which allows for the total microscopic control of complete excision. This particular technique helps to minimize the risk of recurrence of the disease. All skin lesions taken in our practice are sent to histopathological laboratory analysis.