Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases

The skin: the most important two square meters of your life

Dermatology is the medical art of detection and treatment of skin diseases. The skin is a very large organ and is composed of many different biological tissues and cells. Each of them can be the origin of a skin disease. In addition, the skin reflects our mental well- being.

Skin diseases have more or less specific appearances, which can be recognized and judged only by experienced dermatologists. Sometimes, additional diagnostic methods such as histopathology or functional tests are required.

Also, computerized optical diagnostic measurements such as digital dermoscopy or computerized hair analysis can increase the sensitivity in the detection of diseases and disorders. Many skin diseases are not life threatening, but may greatly impair the quality of our lives. Affected individuals may become depressed and afraid of social exclusion.

The high need for new and effective medication and treatment methods drives the progress in dermatology. Continuing medical education is the key to keep up with the advancement of treatments methods and procedures.